What’s an Air Traffic Controller Salary? How To Become an Air Traffic Controller? All About The Career Path

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An air traffic controller (ATC) is a person who controls the movement of aircraft in the airspace around an airport. They work in the tower where they have a good view of the airport and the planes around it. They use radar to track the planes and they use radios to talk to the pilots. Since their job is quite demanding, the average air traffic controller’s salary is very rewarding.

Air Traffic Controller – Description Of The Job

An air traffic controller is responsible for directing aircrafts in the air and on the ground. They work in air traffic control towers, radar rooms, or en route centres. Their main goal is to maintain safe air travel for passengers and crew. In case of emergency, air traffic controllers must make quick decisions. They must communicate and navigate pilots to ensure that aircrafts are landing and taking off safely and keep track of all air traffic in their assigned airspace, issuing instructions and warnings as necessary.

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Air Traffic Controller Salary

The air traffic controller salary in the United States is about $127,440 per year, and the mean hourly wage is about $61.27, according to the bls.gov. Air traffic controllers in the United States have a higher salary than those in most other countries. They typically work full time and may have to work overtime and on weekends. The top paying industry for an Air Traffic Controllers is Federal Executive Branch (OEWS Designation), with an annual salary of $130,400. Air traffic controllers in the Federal Executive Branch work for agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Department of Defense (DoD).

Air Traffic Contoller Salary Across The States

Top paying States include New Hempshire, Georgia, Illinois, California and Minnesota ($141,410-$144,710). The lowest salaries can be expected in Vermont, Connecticut, Iowa, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota with the salary from $81,410 to $95,030 per year.

Air Traffic Controllers – Are They Paid Well?

There is no simple answer to this question. Air traffic controller jobs are some of the most highly sought-after and well-paid jobs in the world, but this varies depending on the level of experience and qualification of the air traffic controller. Generally speaking, air traffic controller salary can be very high, with many earning six-figure salaries. This is because the nature of the job is very demanding, and it takes a great deal of training and experience.

How To Become An Air Traffic Controller?

In order to become an air traffic controller in the US, a candidate must have a minimum of an air traffic control degree from an accredited school. There are a few air traffic controller schools in the United States, making it a somewhat difficult field to get into. In order to get hired as an air traffic controller, the applicant must pass a series of rigorous tests.

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The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is the governing body that oversees air traffic controllers. They set the standards and requirements for air traffic control positions and also administer the air traffic controller tests.

The air traffic controller test is a three-part test that covers air traffic control history, air traffic control procedures, and aircraft general knowledge.

Required Soft Skills

Candidates who want to become an air traffic controller must posses certain soft skills as well. One of the most important skills for air traffic controllers is the ability to make quick decisions. It is a high stress job and they must be able to remain calm under pressure. They need to be able to clearly communicate with pilots, air traffic controllers, and other members of the air traffic control team.

Is This Job In Demand?

Job as an air traffic controller is one that is in high demand. There are many reasons for this, but the most important one is that air traffic controllers play a critical role in ensuring the safety of air travel and experienced air traffic controllers are always in high demand. Air traffic controller salary is depended on work experience and the level of certification they have.

What Are The Benefits That Air Traffic Controllers Get?

The air traffic controllers have a very demanding job, working shifts that can include early mornings, late nights, weekends, and holidays. But the air traffic control career comes with a number of benefits that make the job worth it for many people.

It is a very well-paid job, but the controllers can also expect benefits, such as healthcare and retirement plans. Other benefits may include profit sharing, insurance plans, and discounts on air travel.

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Air traffic controllers also often receive excellent job security. The majority of air traffic control jobs are filled through civil service exams, which means that the hiring process is very competitive and the best-qualified candidates are typically selected. This helps to ensure that those who work as air traffic controllers are highly skilled and experienced professionals.

The air traffic control field is also growing, so there are plenty of job opportunities available. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the air traffic control field will grow by 6 percent from 2016 to 2026. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for air traffic controllers to move up in their careers and find new and exciting challenges.

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