Pharmacist Salary Guide: Job Description, Average Salary Data, Highest Paying Cities, and More

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Pharmacists are an important part of the medical community and are responsible for a variety of tasks in order to ensure that patients receive the best possible care. So what is pharmacist salary like in USA? Let’s break it down for you.

From dispensing medication to providing information on drug interactions, pharmacists play a vital role in both hospitals and pharmacies. What kind of jobs are available for pharmacists? And which companies pay their pharmacists the most?

Pharmacist Salaries

Pharmacists in the USA earn an average salary of ca. $122,000 per year. The highest paid pharmacists make over $178,000 per year, while the lowest paid earn less than $87,000 annually. There are a number of factors that can affect pharmacist salary, such as years of experience, geographic location, and type of employer.

Job Growth

The job market for pharmacists is expected to grow by about six percent between now and 2026, which is about as fast as the average for all occupations. This growth is due in part to the pandemic, civilization diseases and the aging population in USA who will need more medical care and medications as they age. In addition, the rising of healthcare means that more people will have access to prescription medications, which will also lead to an increased demand for pharmacists.

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Where Can Pharmacists Make Money

There are a number of different employers who hire pharmacists, from hospitals and clinics to retail pharmacies. The type of employer can also affect pharmacist salary, with some companies paying their employees more than others. For example, pharmaceutical companies tend to pay their pharmacists very well, with an average salary of $136,007 per year. On the other hand, hospitals typically pay their pharmacists a bit less, with an average salary of $114,000 annually.

Cities for Pharmacists

While pharmacist salaries can vary depending on a number of factors, there are some cities in the USA that tend to pay their pharmacists more than others. New York City, for example, has an average pharmacist salary of $119,000 per year. Other cities with high pharmacist salaries include San Francisco ($118,000), Los Angeles ($130,000), and Chicago ($116,000). If you are eager to travel to Alaska, you can expect $147,000 for a pharmacist’s salary. California offers similar wages, but keep in mind the cost of living! Check the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for more data on other cities.

Pharmacy School

There are a number of skills and qualifications that can help pharmacists earn a higher salary. One of the most important is experience, as pharmacists with more experience tend to earn more than those who are just starting out. In addition, those who have a specialty in a particular area of pharmacy (such as nuclear pharmacy or compounding) can also command a higher salary. Finally, those who have earned their Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD) will typically earn more than those with just a bachelor’s degree.

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The majority of pharmacists in USA enjoy a number of benefits, such as health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans. Some companies also offer their pharmacists tuition reimbursement or continuing education opportunities.

How Much Does a Pharmacist Make? Annual Salaries and Job Descriptions

There are a number of different types of pharmacist jobs available in USA, each with its own set of responsibilities and salary range. The most common positions include the following:

  1. Dispensing pharmacist: Dispensing pharmacists are responsible for filling prescriptions and providing information on drug interactions to patients. They typically work in retail pharmacies and earn an average salary of $116,670 per year.
  2. Clinical pharmacist: Clinical pharmacists work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities and provide medication therapy management services to patients. They typically earn an annual salary of $127,000.
  3. Consultant pharmacist: Consultant pharmacists work with doctors and other healthcare professionals to develop and manage medication regimens for patients. They often work in clinics or private practices and earn an average salary of $130,000 annually.
  4. Outpatient pharmacist: Outpatient pharmacists work in pharmacies located outside of hospitals and provide medication therapy management services to patients who are not admitted to the hospital. They typically earn an annual salary of $122,000.
  5. Entry level compounding pharmacist: Compounding pharmacists mix customized medications for individual patients based on their specific needs. They generally have less experience than other types of pharmacists and earn an average salary of $111,000.


Pharmacist salaries vary depending on a number of factors, including years of experience, specialty, and level of education. However, the average pharmacist salary in the USA is currently $122,000 per year. With the aging population and increasing demand for healthcare services, the demand for pharmacists is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Those who are interested in becoming a pharmacist should carefully research the different types of jobs available and choose one that best suits their skills and interests. They can then begin preparing for a career in pharmacy by completing an accredited degree or diploma program. Was this helpful in providing information about pharmacist salaries in USA?

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