The Average Project Manager Salary in 2022 by State: How much Does a Project Manager Make?

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Do you want to know the average project manager salary in 2022 by state? In this article, we will breakdown everything you need to know about the job including the job description, job history, and job outlook. We will also discuss how to become a project manager and what type of education you will need. Keep reading for more information!

Job Description

A project manager is responsible for leading and coordinating a team of people to complete a specific goal or project. This involves setting deadlines, assigning tasks, and ensuring that the project is completed within the allocated budget and timeframe. A project manager must also communicate effectively with all stakeholders, including clients, sponsors, and team members, to keep them updated on the project’s progress.

As you can see, a project manager wears many hats and has a lot of responsibility. If you’re interested in becoming a project manager, or if you’re already working in the field, it’s important to be aware of the skills and qualifications that are essential for success.

Types of Project Managers

There are several types of project managers. Each type has a different set of skills and duties.

  • Traditional project manager. This type is responsible for the overall success of the project. They develop the plan, manage the budget, and make sure the team is working effectively together.
  • Technical project manager. This type is responsible for managing the technical aspects of the project. They make sure the team has the necessary skills and knowledge to complete the project.
  • Program manager. This type is responsible for managing a group of related projects. They make sure that all of the projects are completed on time and meet the objectives of the organization.
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Becoming a Project Manager


If you’re interested in becoming a project manager, there are a few things you need to know. First, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree in a field such as business administration or engineering. After obtaining a degree, you should get some experience in project management by working on smaller projects. This will give you the skills and knowledge necessary to manage larger projects. It is helpful to have experience working in the field that you want to manage projects in. For example, if you want to be a construction project manager, it would be beneficial to have experience working as a construction worker or engineer. You can also pursue a certification in project management, which will demonstrate your competence in this field. The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers several certifications, including the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, which is recognized worldwide. Finally, networking with other project managers can help you learn from their experiences and find potential job opportunities.

Soft Skills

It is also important to have strong interpersonal skills as a project manager. This is because you will be working with a variety of different people including clients, employees, and vendors. You need to be able to communicate effectively and manage conflict when it arises. Some other key skills and qualities include:

  • strong leadership and communication skills;
  • excellent problem-solving skills;
  • the ability to stay organized and manage time effectively;
  • a detail-oriented approach,

If you can develop these skills and qualities, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful project manager.

Career Path

After you have gained at least 5 years of experience as a project manager, you may want to consider climbing up the ladder and becoming a senior project manager. A senior project manager is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all aspects of a large or complex project. They have more experience and responsibility than a regular project manager, and may be in charge of multiple projects at once. Naturally, the salary for a senior project manager is higher than that of a regular project manager.

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Average Project Manager Salary by State

Now that you know a little more about what it takes to become a project manager, let’s take a look at the average project manager salary by state. In the whole of the United States, the average salary for a project manager is $96,000. The highest paying states for project managers are New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut, where employees with job title project manager make around $104,000 per year. In turn, the states with the lowest paying compensations for a project managers include Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, where the average base salaries range from $60,000 to $66,000. However, keep in mind that these are just averages. There are many project managers who earn more than this, and there are also many who earn less.

Senior Project Manager Salary

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