Truck Driver’s Salaries, Job Description And Career Outlook

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Truck drivers play a vital role in our economy. They transport goods to businesses and consumers all over the country. Read on to learn more about truck driver’s salary, job description and requirements.

Truck drivers carry food to grocery stores, clothing to malls and everything in between across America. Despite their importance, truck driving is a profession that’s been largely overlooked for years because of its low status and pay. But times are changing. Will truck driver’s salary catch up?

Truck Driver Salary

Truck driver’s salary is based on their experience, the type of truck they drive, and the length of their trip. They typically get paid per mile driven, with a per-mile rate that varies depending on the type of truck and the region where the truck is driven. Light truck driver’s salary can be as high as $41,000 per year while heavy and tractor-trailer truck driver’s salary equal $48,710 per year. The median wage for light tract drivers is $37,050 and the median wage for heavy and tractor-trailer drivers is $47,130 per year.

The average truck driver salary also depends on the location. States that offer the highest salaries for a Light Truck Drivers include: Alaska, Illinois, California, Washington and Massachusetts ($44,820 – $50,450), while the states that offer the highest salaries for a Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers include: Alaska, District of Columbia, New York, Wyoming and North Dakota ($54,550-$59,700).

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Truck Drivers – Job Description

Truck driving is one of the most common occupations in the United States. The job can be challenging and dangerous, but it also offers many rewards. Truckers haul cargo for a living. They transport goods and materials to and from various locations. This can be anything from food to construction materials. Truckers must be able to handle hazardous materials and drive long distances. OTR, or over-the-road, trucking, is the long distance hauling of freight and generally involves drives of over 800 miles and can include crossing state lines. This type of trucking generally pays better than other types of driving jobs, but it also requires drivers to be away from home for long periods of time.

Light Truck Drivers

A light truck driver is the most common type of a truck driver. They typically transport goods within a certain radius of their home or distribution center. Most light truckers have a regular route, making it easy to plan their day and estimate when they will return home.

Heavy Truck Drivers

Heavy truck drivers are typically responsible for transporting goods over long distances. They may be required to cross state lines and even international borders. Because of the nature of their job, heavy truck drivers must often plan their trips well in advance and be familiar with a wide variety of routes. They may be gone for days or weeks at a time, making it difficult to maintain a regular schedule. A flatbed trucker is someone who transports goods that do not fit in a standard truck trailer. These goods can be anything from lumber to cars. Flatbed truck drivers must have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and must be able to operate a flatbed truck. Heavy truck drivers or hazmat truckers typically earn more money than light truckers, but they also face greater challenges.

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How To Become a Truck Driver?

There are many ways to become a truck driver, but there are a few things you need to do before you can start your career. First, you’ll need to get your commercial driver’s license (CDL). You can do this by taking a CDL training course or by going to your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Once you have your CDL, you’ll need to find a trucking company that is hiring drivers. You can do this by searching online or by contacting your local trucking association. Once you’ve found a company, you’ll need to fill out an application and pass a background check. Once you’re hired, you’ll be given training on how to operate the truck and how to safely transport your cargo. After you’ve completed your training, you’ll be ready to start your career as a truck driver.

Truck Driver’s Benefits

Apart from some challenges that drivers have to face at work, such as long hours and being away from home, truck driving can be a rewarding profession. It’s a great way to see the country, meet new people, and get paid to do it. Apart from a good salary, truck drivers also enjoy many benefits, such as medical insurance, retirement plans, and holiday pay.

Why Is Truck Driver’s Salary Increasing?

There are many reasons why truck drivers are in demand. Some of the most experienced and in-demand truck drivers are able to command higher salaries and often have their choice of jobs.

There are a number of reasons for this trend. Firstly, the haulage industry is growing, as more and more businesses rely on trucking to move their products. This increased demand for trucking services has led to higher salaries for drivers.

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Secondly, the haulage industry is becoming increasingly regulated, with new rules and regulations being introduced on a regular basis. This is making the job of a truck driver more complex, and therefore more valuable.

Finally, the haulage industry is facing a driver shortage, as an ageing workforce retires and fewer people enter the profession. This shortage is driving up salaries as companies compete for the limited number of qualified drivers.

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